Content Delivery Network - Level 3 CDN

Content Delivery Network - Level 3 CDN

Content Delivery Network – Level 3 CDN

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In today’s Internet-driven world, an audience demands instant access to online content – whether they’re accessing a company websites and online applications, or downloading music files or software. These demands for a faster, richer web experience, along with increasing file sizes and unpredictable traffic, can make it challenging to live up to user expectations without costly investments in web-hosting infrastructure.
CDN service offers you one of the industry’s most cost-effective solutions for quickly and reliably delivering high-quality content to audiences across the globe.

There is a number of CDN services available with VPS.NET: caching (origin pull setup), live streaming and on-demand streaming (for pre-recorded content).


If you prefer Caching setup have a look at the following article about how to setup Caching property:

When you create caching property, you need to change your CNAME for to “” in your DNS records. If your domain uses dns1/ as your name servers you can simply go to  “Manage My DNS” section in VPS.NET  Dashboard:

find your domain zone and add CNAME record:


Here is some more detailed information about managing DNS records via VPS.NET:

To make CDN work for you have to change URL for all images and static files to

If you are interested in the Streaming services, you may want to take a look at the articles below:

Live Streaming:

On-Demand Streaming:

As always, our support team is ready to assist you with any questions that may appear while dealing with the CDN settings.

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